Instructions for filling the Online Application Form (OAF)

Candidates are advised to go through the instructions carefully before filling up the Online Application Form.
A: General Instructions.
  • No change of request in the case of the application data, once furnished, will be accepted; hence the candidates are cautioned to be careful while filling the OAF.
  • Ensure that OAF is filled properly with all complete details; after verification take the printout of the filled in OAF.
  • The printout of the OAF shall be only in A4 size paper and in portrait format; please note down the six digit application number for all future correspondence.
  • Incomplete / incorrect applications are liable to be rejected without prior information to the candidate.
  • Multiple application forms from the same candidate will result in confusion leading to disqualification of the candidate.
  • COMEDK is not responsible for any error that the candidate commits while filling the OAF.
  • Follow the guidelines strictly for scanning and uploading of the photograph and the signature.
B: Explanation for the fields required to be filled up in the Online Application Form

Part I

1) The candidates should note that the details filled up by them in RFA will be available as a static content and the same cannot be edited for any reason.

Part II

2) For photo uploading the following procedure shall be adopted:
  • Photograph must be a recent (three months) colour with preferably light background image after scanned. (This image will be referred at later stages of admission process).
  • It should be identical to the photograph pasted in the PAF (Physical Application form).
  • The Photograph must be a PASSPORT SIZE of dimensions with a minimum size of 3.8 cm x 4.8 cm (approx 145 pixel x 180 pixel) and a maximum of 4.8 cm x 5.8 cm (approx 180 x 220 Pixels) and Maximum file size should be 200 kb.
    The image should be of .jpg or .jpeg format.
3) For signature uploading the following procedure shall be adhered to:
  • Signature must be done by the candidate himself / herself in a white paper with a black pen. (This image will be referred at later stages of admission process).
  • Dimensions should be 6 cm x 2.4 cm (approx 230 x 90 pixel) and Maximum file size should be 200 kb.
    The image should be of .jpg or .jpeg format.

Part III

4) Nationality:
  • Select your Nationality.
5) Gender:
  • Select the appropriate option.
6) Belonging to:

Select the type of Domicile viz., Karnataka or Non-Karnataka. If Karnataka, select the type viz., by Birth or By Domicile. One should be a Karnataka domiciled candidate to claim any reservation meant for Hyderabad Karnataka Region or Tulu or Telugu Linguistic Minorities.
For consideration into Karnataka Category, the following domicile rules will be strictly followed:

  • If you belong to Karnataka by birth/domicile, and have schooling for not less than 10 years in Karnataka which may include MBBS/BDS degrees in colleges recognized by MCI/DCI and GOI established by law and located in Karnataka State.
  • Indian Citizens of Karnataka origin, who studied for MBBS/BDS degrees in colleges outside Karnataka State, recognized by MCI/DCI and GOI and affiliated to any university established by law in India are also eligible. Such candidates have to produce certificates issued by the competent authority to show that he/she or his/her parent (Father/Mother) has been a resident of Karnataka State for a period of not less than 10 years along with the format as per Annexure-III of the brochure and the study certificates of the Parents (Father/Mother).

Explanation:-“Candidates of Karnataka origin” means those candidates or their parent (Father or Mother) who have been resident of Karnataka State for a period of not less than ten years, and those who produces a certificates from the concerned Tahsildar to that effect in the prescribed form as per (Annexure III)* and the study certificate of the parents (Father or Mother). * Which should be enclosed to the application in the physical format.

  • If the candidate does not fall into the above two categories, the category Non-Karnataka shall be selected.
7) Father’s Name:

Enter Father’s name.

8. Parents / Applicant’s Annual Income:

Parents / Applicant’s Annual Income should be specified.

9. Category:

Select the Category as belonging to GM / SC / ST and OBC.

  • If OBC
    If OBC, Select CAT 1, CAT 2A, CAT 2B, CAT 3A and CAT 3B.
  • Minority Status:
    1. For Karnataka (By Birth / Domicile) Candidates
      Select “Yes” to claim the Minority status Religious (Christian) or Linguistic (Telugu / Tulu) or else select “No”.
    2. For Non-Karnataka Candidates
      Select “Yes” to claim the Christian Religious status or else select “No”.
  • Linguistic Minority:
    Select Tulu / Telugu to seek admission in the institutions declared as Linguistic Minority. (Applicable to Karnataka Candidates only).
  • Religious Minority:
    Candidates who are Christian by religion have to select Christian to seek admission in the institution which is declared as Religious Minority. (Applicable on all India basis)

    The eligible Candidates (Christian) belonging to the State of Karnataka are first allowed to opt for seat selection process. However, in the event of any vacancy thereafter the candidates belonging to the religious minority (Christian) from other states would be given opportunity only during the second round of counseling. For further details, please refer to counseling process document to be uploaded later.

    Candidates seeking admission under minority status should have secured not less than 50% just as General Merit candidates.

Note: Appropriate minority status (Linguistic / Religious or Both) of the candidate should be indicated with supportive document along with the application form failing which the application will be rejected and they can not claim to be treated as GM candidates.

10. Belongs to Hyderabad - Karnataka Region:
Select appropriate option (Yes or No).
11. Name of the District in the Hyderabad - Karnataka Region:
Select the districts: Gulbarga/Yadgir/Raichur/Koppal/Bidar/Bellary.

Candidates who have not produced appropriate supporting documents for claiming the status of Religious / Linguistic Minority / SC / ST / OBC/Hyderabad-Karnataka Region will be rejected and no correspondence will be entertained in this behalf.

Part IV

12. Address:

Provide your Permanent address and also the address for correspondence in the space given. All formal communications from COMEDK will be sent to you at the address given as correspondence address. Please use blank spaces to separate words.
Do not mention your City, State and Pin code in the address field.

13. City:

Select the City from the list. If you are from any other City that is not listed in the table, select "Others" in the list and fill in your city name in the space provided (The City mentioned has to be same for the address mentioned in the address column).

14. State:
Select the State from the list (The State mentioned has to be same for the address mentioned in the address column).
15. PIN Code:
Enter the appropriate 6-digit PIN code.
16. Phone No.:

Enter your additional mobile phone number or your Landline phone number, if any, with the relevant STD Code, use zero prefixed to the STD code and do not leave any blank spaces between the STD code and your telephone number.

For e.g.: If your STD code is 080 and your telephone number is 12345678, then your full telephone number will be 08012345678.

Part V

17. DD Number and DD Amount:
Enter the six-digit DD number drawn from Nationalized Bank, select the amount.
18. Drawee Bank:
Select the drawee bank. (Only nationalized banks).
19. DD Date:
Select the date of the Demand Draft.

Part VI

20. Qualifying Exam:
Select the type of qualifying exam either MBBS / BDS.
21. Month / Year of passing:
Select the month and year of passing of the Final Year MBBS/BDS.
22. Type of University:
Select the University type studied (Indian/Foreign).
23. University Last Studied:
Select the University. If the name of your University is not listed in the list select “Other” option and enter your university in the “If Others” field
24. Name of the Institution Last Studied:
Enter the name of the Institution you have last studied in the space provided.
25. MCI/DCI Registration Number:
Enter your MCI / DCI Registration number as appearing in the Registration Certificate. Not a mandatory field for the candidates who had completed their BDS in the year 2014.
26. Internship Completion Details:
Select the Internship status whether completed or completing.
26. (a) If completed, the year of completion.
Select the year
26. (b) If completing, the month & year likely to be completed.
Select the month and year
27. Number of Attempts in COMEDK PGET Entrance Exam:
Please enter no. of attempts which you have appeared for COMEDK PGET earlier.
28. Result Column:

In the event of having become eligible to participate for the counseling during the previous years, please select whether ‘Not appeared for counseling / Appeared for counseling / Seat selected / Seat Surrendered at the College / Seat Surrendered at COMEDK or Not qualified for counseling’.

29. Marks Obtained:

Please enter the total marks obtained in each year during the course of study in M.B.B.S. / B.D.S. Please ensure that the marks entered include the marks obtained in the theory, practical papers, internal assessment, grace marks, and viva also for all the subjects of the respective years. Marks obtained at the University Exam during the successful attempt should alone be entered (supporting marks card/s to be enclosed). Also mention the number of attempts you have taken to clear the respective years. Once you have filled up all the marks and the attempts year wise in the relevant columns, cross verify with the “Grand Total”.

In the case of candidates who have studied in foreign university where the marking system may not be prevalent and only grades are given, they may indicate the grade and should attach the authenticated grade report giving marks equivalent ranges issued by the university in which the candidate has studied. Documents in a language other than English should be accompanied by a translated English copy duly authenticated and notarized.

Note:Grade column on the application form is exclusively only for candidates who have studied in Foreign University where the marking system may not be prevalent.

Part VII

The Candidates are expected to go through the declaration and sign the same after understanding its implication thoroughly.
30. Finger Impression, Signature & Photograph:

Only the left forefinger impressions shall be affixed three times in the space provided along with the full signature; the passport size colour photograph without any signature should also be affixed. (It should be identical to the photograph which was uploaded)

C: Mandatory Documents to be sent along with the completed physical Application Form:
  1. Non-refundable Demand Draft (DD) for Rs. 2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only) being Application fee in favour of ‘COMEDK’ payable at Bangalore; application number & applicant’s name shall be written on the reverse of the DD. Check for the banker’s seal and signature on the DD.
  2. Printed Online Application Form.
  3. Photocopy of SSLC / 10th STD Marks card.
  4. Photocopy of the Unique ID Proof mentioned in the Request for Application (RFA).
  5. A photocopy of All marks cards / Consolidated Marks Sheet including that of failed year, if any (First Year to Final Year university examination marks card/s).
  6. Photocopy of Attempt Certificate i.e., a statement indicating the number of attempt one has taken to clear a particular subject/year.
  7. Photocopy of Internship Completion Certificate / Internship Completed Certificate; a specimen is indicated as at Annexure V of the Brochure for those who are likely to complete the Internship on or before 30th April 2015.
  8. Photocopy of Degree Certificate / Provisional Degree Certificate / Passing Certificate / Course Completion Certificate.
  9. Photocopy of Registration Certificate / Provisional Registration Certificate or a receipt / an acknowledgement issued from the competent authority against applying for Registration Certificate. (Not a mandatory document for the candidates who had completed their BDS in the year 2014).
  10. Candidates belonging to SC / ST (All India), OBC of Karnataka / Minority / Hyderabad and Karnataka Region would be considered, provided they furnish the duly attested Photocopy of the following Certificates.
    1. SC / ST : Caste Certificate issued by competent authority (Authorized to issue such a certificate but not below the rank of a Tahsildar).
    2. OBC: Category I, IIA, IIB, IIIA and IIIB: As notified by the Karnataka Govt. Caste and Income Certificate issued by Tahsildar or higher revenue jurisdictional authority authorized to issue such a certificate.
    3. MINORITY : Religious (Christian) of All India / Linguistic (Tulu/Telugu) of Karnataka minority candidates have to produce certificate as per
      Annexure - IV of Brochure.
    4. Hyderabad & Karnataka Region : A Certificate, confirming the Hyderabad-Karnataka Region status, issued by the Jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner of the corresponding district, as required, is to be submitted.

Candidates who have not produced appropriate supporting documents for claiming the status of Religious / Linguistic Minority / Hyderabad - Karnataka Region / SC / ST / OBC will be rejected.

Application form without any of the above mandatory documents will be rejected.

D: Instructions and explanation for sending the Online Application Form in physical format
  • Please take a legible printout of the Online Application Form in A4 size paper and in portrait format; note down your six digit application number for future correspondence.
  • Enclose a non-refundable application fee of Rs. 2,500/- in the form of a crossed demand draft drawn on a Nationalised Bank and payable to COMEDK at Bangalore.
  • Please check for the Banker’s signature on the DD before sending it to COMEDK.
  • Avoid stapling of demand draft to the application form and instead use clips.
  • Stick your recent (not older than three months) passport size colour photograph only in the space provided; please note that application form with smudged / tampered / hazy photograph will be rejected.
  • Do not staple or pin the photograph on the application form; please do not sign on the photograph as no attestation is required.
  • Application in physical format shall be received in the COMEDK office on or before Wednesday the 31st December 2014 (before 5.00 PM) in the sealed envelope mentioning as “Application for COMEDK PGET – 2015” at the top of the envelope and addressed to:
    The Executive Secretary,
    No. 132, 2nd Floor,
    17th Cross, 11th Main,
    Bangalore – 560 055
    along with the sender’s address (from address) and any delivery after the said date will not be accepted.
  • The envelope containing the physical application form along with enclosures shall also be in A4 size only and the same shall not be folded.
  • Any application form received not adhering to the above specification will be rejected and no clarification will be entertained. The decision of COMEDK on this would be final and binding.
  • Completed application forms in physical format will not be received in person either in COMEDK office or in any member institutions and those received after 31st December 2014 will be rejected.
  • The Application form in the physical format should be sent only by Speed Post and any other mode of delivery like Registered Post or through any private courier is not acceptable.
  • COMEDK is not responsible for any Loss/Delay/Damage which might occur either during transit or at the time of delivery. The candidates are therefore advised to be careful in this behalf.

Note: Status of all Applications received will be available on COMEDK website. Candidates are advised to check the status of their applications on the website through Applicant Login.

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